My Five

Talking to people about Jesus can seem really intimidating, but our new My Five campaign aims to make it simpler for you to focus on building five friendships or relationships that can lead people closer to Jesus.

If you can't think of five people, that's ok. Do one or two or three or four or six. Try not to include only family members. At least one person should be a local person you know from your friend group, workplace, school, or neighborhood.

Once you pick your five people, write their names down on one of these cards and keep it on your fridge, mirror, or somewhere where you'll see it frequently.

Push yourself a little to get through any or all of these five steps at a pace that feels natural to you.

  1. Pray. If you know specifics about their lives where they may desire prayer, ask God to bless and strengthen them in those areas. Also ask God to provide opportunities for you to open up about your faith in ways that are natural and comfortable for them. Trust that God will show you where He is at work in their lives.
  2. Build trust. Be this person's friend. Spend time with them. Hang out. Talk with them about things you have in common. Build rapport and become better friends. With time, your trust with them will grow.
  3. Ask questions. When it feels natural, ask them what they believe about God, or why they don't go to church, or what they think the meaning of life is. Listen intently and don't make a big deal out of it if you disagree. Just listen, and give your opinion only when they ask for it.
  4. Share. Slowly and carefully build on those conversations to learn more about them and where they stand. Share your thoughts, but don't dictate the conversation. Watch your words and tone. Continue to be their friend, and share ways your faith impacts how you live life.
  5. Invite. Ask them if they'd be interested in coming with you to church. You could also consider inviting them to a men's, women's, or students', or kids' event that you can attend with them. Introduce them to your friends at church, and go the extra mile to make them feel welcome.

Once they've come a few times, keep praying for them and continue to be a good friend. Answer questions if they have them. If you don't know the answers, it's ok to tell them that. Ask a pastor or leader you know at church if you'd like some help.

Don't feel pressure to rush through the process. Treat them like you want to be treated and be real with them.

Are you in?

If you plan to particpate in My Five, shoot us an email at to let us know. We'll occassionally get in touch with tips and encouragement. Keep us posted on how it's going. We'd love to hear stories of how God is using you!