Sunday, December 15 | 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. (During AXIS) | Free | At First MB Church (Activity Center)

Our senior high ministry is going all out with our Christmas party extravaganza!  There will be tons of Christmas-themed games and food.  Plus we are having a white elephant gift exchange (see below).   Feel free to bring your friends!  Come even if you forget to bring a gift, extra gifts will be provided.  And everyone will bring home a gift!  And yes we will have an UGLY Christmas Sweater (or attire) competition!  

It will be a B.A.F. Night!  (Bring A Friend Night)


How will the White Elephant Gift Exchange Work?

Find something from your house or go out and buy a gift ($5 or LESS).  The more funnier or goofier the better.  But please make the gifts appropriate here is our three rules:

1. Your gift cannot be alive.

2. Your gift cannot use to be alive.

3. Your gift cannot directly come from alive things (except for paper, even though it comes from trees)