AXIS Online

A New Online Campus Option:

Looking for a way to stay connected and grow in your faith all while being online.  This AXIS Online is for you!  AXIS, our high school ministry, that meets in person on Sundays at 6:30pm. But we know in this new normal, due to Covid-19, being in person is not an option every week for every student.  AXIS online is what we call an "online campus" where students can still be a part of the student ministry just in a digital format.  We will have an adult leader that will lead the discussion but students are encouraged to ask questions.  All grades and genders will be in one group.  

How It Works:

Each week we will record the message during AXIS, on Sunday nights.  Then upload it to our Youtube page HERE.  Students will have 2 days to watch the message.  Then every Tuesday at 8:00 pm we will have a small group discussion over that week's message over zoom.  The same small group questions will be asked as they did during AXIS.  

Who Can Join?  What if I Have Never Been to AXIS?

Any high school student:

  • Whether they are under quarantine
  • Never even been to AXIS and want to check it out
  • Extreme introvert and feel uncomfortable with big crowds 
  • Want to continue the discussion they had during their small group time in person
  • They just missed that week's in-person AXIS and want to catch up

This is an ALWAYS-OPEN group so any student can join in any week!  And all grades and genders will be in one group.  

Will the AXIS Online Option Be Every Week?

AXIS Online will only happen the weeks we have met for AXIS.  Click HERE for the yearly weekly schedule.  But we meet most Sundays & Tuesdays during the school year (except for the month of December).  

Can Parents Join?

Parents are welcome to watch the messages with their students, but for the zoom discussion, we ask that just students participate to help with open and honest discussions and making the students feel comfortable to share.  

How Can I Join?

No sign up needed, just click the two links below.  

Does AXIS Online count towards my Check-In Streaks?

Yes!  To keep your check-in streaks alive you can attend AXIS Online the same week you missed AXIS in-person. (Check-in Streaks are our fun way to encourage checking in.  They start over each semester).  
4 weeks in a row = 1 food/drink 
8 weeks in a row = 1 item from our Box 'O Wonder 
12 weeks in a row = 1 ticket (including travel) to Worlds of Fun next summer!

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Watch that week's message on our youtube page. Join us on Zoom - Tuesdays at 8pm - to discuss that week's message.