Discipleship Courses Teachers


Discipleship Courses are classes that are designed to equip students to live out their faith from a variety of topics.  These are Bible studies or “courses” that are 4-6 weeks in length based on a variety of subjects.  The students then sign up to attend the course.  When and where the course meets is based on the teacher(s) availability and desire.  There will be 2-3 courses going at the same time.  The purpose is for discipleship and spiritual growth for those who are involved.  SIGN UP AT THE BOTTOM!

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Why only 4-6 weeks?  Can they be shorter or longer?
The length of each course is determined by the subject and teacher.  Although classes could be shorter or longer 4-6 weeks is ideal.  The reason for the short time frame is twofold: one, these courses are not designed to replace small groups (which meet on Sunday nights) and two, since these courses usually meet throughout the week people schedules change throughout the year.  So if a student's schedule is filled for a time (a sport, play, etc.) then once that is over they can sign up for a new course without feeling they have "missed a lot."  

Can non-Christians attend? 
These courses are designed to equip and grow a person’s faith.  So most of the courses are for believers but we won't turn any student away.  We have several events throughout the year and a weekly ministry (AXIS) that meets on Sunday nights designed for people who have yet put their faith in Jesus.

Can only Senior High students attend?
Right now discipleship courses are only designed for current senior high students.  In the future, we might expand it outside of this audience.

Can anyone teach a course what are the requirements?
All courses (teachers & topics) must be fully approved before anything is promoted (see below).   Teachers must agree to First MB Church’s by laws (click here) and Mennonite Brethren’s Confession of faith (click here).  

What if not enough students sign up?
Each teacher will determine the minimum of students needed (we say 4 unless a mentorship).  However, if not enough students sign up (2 weeks before the start date) then we will have to cancel the class and reschedule for later or rethink the title/content.  But don't take it personally there are many reasons why students don't sign up (sports schedule, not enough friends signed up, forgot, etc.)  

Who chooses the topics/curriculum?  Have any ideas on what I could teach on?
The teacher (you) can come up with any topic/curriculum you feel called to do.  We will work with you if you have a topic but no curriculum or if you want more guidance on what you could be teaching on.  All curriculum and topics must be approved by Pastor Kyle.

  • End times
  • Book of the Bible
  • Evangelism
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Apologetics
  • How to study the Bible
  • Mission & calling
  • Stewardship
  • Character development
  • Spiritual disciplines

 Here are some websites if you are looking for ideas: downloadyouthministry.com, thesource4ym.com, christianbook.com and more.

When will the courses take place?
There are two "sessions" each semester of the school year.  Each session is 6-8 weeks long.  With a two week sign up at the start of the semester and then between each session.  We do not have Discipleship Courses during the summer.  

2018-2019 School Year: (Sign-ups are 2 weeks beforehand)
Fall Session Begins: Week of September 17
- Christmas Break -
Spring Session Begins: Week of January 20 (longer session)