Discipleship Courses

Classes that are taught like Bible Studies that are 4-6 weeks in length and based on a variety of subjects. These classes are designed to equip students to live out their faith and grow spiritually.  It's for students who want to take their faith to the next level.  

How do I sign up?

Students sign up by clicking on the box below.  Each course has a different date, teacher, and time.  Choose which course you want more information on and then click on it.  If you like to attend the course then click the blue "Join this group" button.  You will need a valid email address to sign up.  

Can I attend more than one?

Yes!  However, if the courses meet at the same time you will have to choose just one of them to attend.  But don't worry if a course is pretty popular we try to offer it again the next semester!  

Why only 4-6 weeks? 

The length of each course is determined by the subject and teacher.  Although classes could be shorter or longer, 4-6 weeks is ideal.  The reason for the short time frame is twofold: one, these courses are not designed to replace small groups (which meet on Sunday nights) and two, since these courses usually meet throughout the week, people’s schedules change throughout the year.  So if a student's schedule is filled for a time (a sport, play, etc.) then once that is over they can sign up for a new course without feeling they have "missed a lot."  

Can only Senior High students attend?

Right now discipleship courses are only designed for current senior high students.  In the future, we might expand it outside of this audience.

I have an idea for a topic, what do I do? 

We love to hear new ideas all the time!  All you have to do is email Pastor Kyle your thoughts and he will follow up with you at students@firstmbchurch.org.

Can students lead a Discipleship Course?

Yes!  We love students take on leadership roles!  However, there are a few requirements.  First, you have to be on student IMPACT (our leadership team) and second, you have to apply to be a teacher by clicking here.  

When will the courses usually take place?

There are two "sessions" each semester of the school year.  Each session is 6-8 weeks long.  With a two week sign up at the start of the semester and then between each session.  We do not have Discipleship Courses during the summer.  

2018-2019 School Year: (Sign-ups are 2 weeks beforehand)
Fall Session Begins: Week of October 1
- Christmas Break -
Spring Session Begins: Week of January 20 (longer session)​