Dillons Fundraiser

What are Community Rewards and how does it work?

All you have to do is enroll your Dillon's Plus card (see below).  Then use your plus card every time you shop at Dillon's.  You will not only be building up fuel points like normal but also earning money towards kids/student events!  Anyone can support kids/students ministries grandparents, neighbors, even family friends can contribute towards an individual's account.

Key Points:

  • Just like Neighborhood Rewards Program family accounts are automatically created.  Which means no matter how many people in a family has a Plus Card they all go into one account.  (the only way to change that is to sign up for using a different last name or different address).
  • You can only support one organization per family (however you can change which organization at any time).
  • A person must use their Dillon's Plus Card within the four-state area (KS, MO, NE, OK) only. 
  • A person can check their fundraising total after each quarter by logging onto their online account.
  • Purchasing fuel is not eligible for rewards (see below for more restrictions). 

If you want to learn more about our Fundraising Policy for Kids and Student Ministry then click here.

The More People Who Enroll The More Money We Could Make:

The deal is once a quarter Dillon's is giving away $500,000 to a four-state area.  That $500,000 is divided among the number and size of organizations who have signed up and that is the percentage we get for that quarter.  Which means the bigger the organization the bigger piece of the pie!  So the more people we can get to sign up for the new Dillon's Community Rewards the bigger the profit and the better it is for everyone!

The key difference is every three months (once a quarter) you have to log into your account, print off your total, and show it to First MB to keep track of your total (or email us a screenshot).  Since your total disappears after every quarter (3 months) of the year you will need to show us your total within 30 days of ending the quarter. We highly suggest waiting to check your account until after the 10th of the month to receive the most current total. You can email a screenshot of your total to dillons@firstmbchurch.org with the student's name in the subject line.

First Quarter (Jan.-Mar.): Due by April 30
Second Quarter (Apr.-Jun.): Due by July 31
Third Quarter (Jul.-Sept.): Due by October 31
Fourth Quarter (Oct.-Dec.): Due by January 31


How can I sign up or enroll?

  1. Click/visit dillons.com/topic/community-rewards-3 to begin. 
  2. Sign in (if you have already registered your Plus Card) OR create an account by clicking "create an account".  (if you create an account you need to check your email for and click on the provided link to confirm your email address)
  3. After you log in or created an account click on "enroll" at the bottom of the page.
  4. Under FIND YOUR ORGANIZATION search for "First Mennonite Brethren Church" or use our 5 digit NPO number of VE192.
  5. Select "First MB Church" and click "enroll" and YOU'RE DONE!

 Here is a step by step hand out showing you how to enroll your Plus Card.  (you will need to know your Dillon's Plus Card number)

You must have three things to register and begin fundraising:

  • A Dillon's Plus Card, which is available at any store by asking an associate (you need to know your Plus Card's number)
  • A valid email address.

What purchasing restrictions are there?

Alcohol, tobacco, postage stamps, Dillon Gift cards, reloadable gift cards (with no limit), debit cards, lottery and promotional tickets, Western Union, green dot prepaid reloadable products, sales tax, and fuel are excluded from eligible purchases.  Yes you can still buy gift cards to other places like Menards or On the Border, a gift card just has to be to another store/restaurant (so you cannot double-dip) and a set dollar amount like "$25" or "$15-$100".  

Once my card is enrolled, how long does it take for my purchases to credit the organization?

Your purchases will begin earning rewards for First MB Church within 10 business days. 

Why do we have to re-enroll each year if they were already participating?

NO!  They changed the policy from last year and now you do not have to re-enroll each year!  Once you have signed up then you are good to go and earn funds for students or kids events!

If you have any questions contact Kyle at students@firstmbchurch.org.