What Can A Parent/Guardian Expect?

Your Child is welcome here! No matter what problems they have faced or are facing, your child is welcome at AXIS. And we will do our best to encourage them and help them feel at ease while they are here.

There will be Worship! We want to give as many opportunities as possible for your student to connect with God. A live band will be leading worship so that your student can have the opportunity to worship if they choose to. We are also encouraging of different forms of worship if they show an inclination to express themselves in another way (i.e. painting/drawing, poetry, spoken word, etc.)

There will be Games! Whether your student excels in art or athletics, drama or 4-H, our ice-breaker games are for everyone! This game time is crucial for building new and existing relationships with other students.  It also breaks down the walls for better discussions later on.

There will be Teaching! We are a Bible-believing community and our lessons will be upholding the Word of God.  Each lesson will be relevant and practical for teenagers and we will go deeper with our small groups afterward.

There will be Food! Each time we meet there is a free (optional) meal that starts at 6:10 p.m.  Then afterward if you are looking for something sweet we have THE HUB where you can purchase treats, t-shirts, pop, and more!

There will be Discussion! We are encouraging the students to ask questions and voice their ideas whether it is pertaining to that night’s lesson or a certain worship lyric or Scripture. We welcome their thoughts!  Each small group is separated by grade and gender.  Each adult small group leader has been background checked and trained by our staff.  We feel that the small group leader is our “3rd relationship” in a student’s life (1st is parents and 2nd is friends) that is why we have our leaders stay with the same small group all four years.  If you want to learn more about our small groups click here.


Stay Connected and Up to Date:

YOU will have knowledge of all our events through our online Calendar and The Scoop, an emailed newsletter about all things AXIS. Click on Calendar to view our current calendar and click on The Scoop to sign up and start receiving monthly AXIS emails. 


The AXIS Schedule

6:30 p.m. Axis Ministry

(Meal starts at 6:10 p.m.)

Hang Out




8:00 p.m. Small Group Time