Fight The Boredom

With school canceled and with the recommendation of being quarantined, you might be going out of your mind with boredom.  Well, we have some options for you!  We believe that the only way to not feel bored is to fight it.  Below are all the opportunities you connect with others, win some prizes, and a chance to even grow your faith! 








PARENTS - Stay up-to-date by joining our Facebook Parents Groups.  AXIS PARENTS & AMPLIFY PARENTS.

9th-12th GRADE:

AXIS is going online!  
Sundays | 6:30pm | Online HERE (Zoom app)

AXIS online addresses real issues that students are currently facing in a fun and relevant way.  Games, lessons, and even small groups all digitally! Invite your friends!


6th-8th GRADE:


Various | 6:30-7:30pm | CLICK HERE

Online parties to get students amped up!  These parties will give students a chance to connect, play games with cool prizes, and more.  We are planning on a party every 3-4 weeks. 


What is the ZOOM app?  It is a free video conference app that can be used on the computer, tablet, or phone.  It will be our main source of communication during these months.  Downloaded it here.  

6th-12th GRADE:

Fight The Boredom Bible Study!
Every Day (M-TH) | 1:30-2pm | Online HERE (Zoom app)

Just like the name says it's a short fun break in the middle of the day.  In 30 minutes we will have a short devotion, friendly competitions, and a chance to pray for each other.  Invite your friends!

6th-12th GRADE:

D-Groups! |
Sign Up HERE
Various Times & Dates

Sign up to join a digital small group based on a variety of topics and times.  Using the ZOOM app leaders and students will have a chance to dive deeper into God's word.  Click HERE for more information.  Join anytime!

Find a Paxton Blessing Box HERE

We're donating can goods and hygiene products to Paxton's Blessing Box.  If you have extra or want to buy some just click the links to find a box.  Don't forget to take a pic and post it using #AXISspreadthelove. 



Video Game Gatherings
Various Times and Dates

At various times join Pastor Kyle in playing some video games throughout this quarantine.  He will post which games and when he will be playing them on our social media pages using Xbox Live or PC. 

Find Pastor Kyle's on Xbox live @KALGON 12


Bible Plans With Friends -
Choose from hundreds of options using the YouVersion Bible app.  Coordinate with your small groups and do a plan together!  CLICK HERE

The Bible Project - Free online videos showcasing a wide variety of Biblical topics.  CLICK HERE.

Jackbox Game Nights | Sign up HERE

We will be hosting several JACKBOX game nights over zoom as well!  Just sign up for one of the 30-minute slots (8 players to a game) but unlimited can watch and even participate!

Next Game Night: T.B.A.