First MB Church | Kids & Students Fundraising Account (F.A.) Policy 

The First MB fundraising account (F.A.) program was designed to help kids, students, and their families pay for certain First MB-related expenses such as camp, youth convention & mission trips.  The rules are in place to ensure that each person has an equal opportunity to participate and earn.  The program is open to kids and students birth through high school graduation.  

FIVE WAYS FINANCES ARE COLLECTED:  These happen various times and ways throughout the year.  Here are the most common ways:

  1. First MB Church sponsored fundraising events (set up by the KMT or YMT). 
  2. Regular Monthly Fundraisers like Dillon's Plus Card "Community Rewards" and Bake Sales (see below).
  3. People or Other Ministries can "hire" students for odd jobs or help with their events or ministries.
  4. Anyone can contribute directly into their own F.A. (however giving directly to your own account is not tax-deductable).
  5. People (kids and students) can deposit money into their own account (sorry, no interested is paid).

Regular Fundraisers: (Click logo for more info.)

Dillon's Plus Card (Community Rewards): Dillon's offer non-profits like First MB Church, a way to earn funds while doing your normal shopping.  Just click the Dillon's logo to learn how to enroll your Plus Card to start earning funds towards an individual student or giving towards the student's scholarship account.  



Bake Sale (2nd Sunday of the month): Make any kind of bake goods and bring it to church on a Sunday morning. Just mark what it is, who made it, and a suggested price. Your student gets 100% of the profit. See Richelle Bloom in the lobby for questions.


THREE TYPES OF FUNDS ARE AVAILBLE:  No matter which way the finances are collected the family/person will need to choose which fund they want to support:

  1. Individual Fundraising Account Fund:  For use by specific student or family of students to be used exclusively for attending First MB sponsored events.
  2. Undesignated Students Fund: Primarily for scholarships to First MB Student events but may be used for other needs (by the YMT) such as using it to reduce the cost of an event for everyone.  Currently there is not a undesignated kids fund.
  3. Special Event Fund: Used only to offset cost or pay for an individual registration for special events like a Mission Trip or National Youth Conference (event is only set up by the YMT or KMT).  

Using Your Individual Fundraising Account & Refunds:

  • An individual or family can start a Fundraising Account at any time but an My FirstMB (planning center) account is required.
  • A family/kid/student can use any amount in their individual F.A. to any First MB sponsor event.  The use of funds to attend another ministry/church's event or non-required snacks/meals is not allowed. 
  • All funds will roll over from year to year until their high school graduation (the last kid in the family)
  • Your individual or family balance will be included in most registration forms, where you'll be given an option of using your Fundraising Account to help pay for the event.
  • Several events/ministries are non-refundable (like camp, SDYC, etc.).  Any events/ministries that do offer refunds your money will be deposited back into the individual's fundraising account.  

Transferring Money From One Account Into Another & Closing Account:

  • A graduating senior cannot cash out the account.  If there is no other sibling in the First MB students program, another current student can be designated for the balance.   If no designation is made by September 1st of the graduating year, any balance in the account will go to the “undesignated fund”.
  • Transferring money from one account to another will be allowed if you contact the ministry's leader in writing (or email) with up to 24 hours advance notice. 
  • Any account which has been inactive (no deposits or withdrawals) after one year (Jan. -Dec. 31) will be at the discretion of the YMT or KMT on what to do with the funds.  A reminder email or letter will be sent prior to the change, at the end of each year.

Individual Fundraising Account Balances:

  • Your family's kid or student Fundraising Account fund is kept confidential within the church office.  Only family members can request information. 
  • Students with siblings in the First MB Fundraising Account will have a combined “family account”.  Separate accounts for siblings is not an option. Your family account sheet has a listing of all postings. Any family member can use any number of funds for any First MB event. 

 Print off our one-page fundraising account summary.


If you a parent of a kid and have any questions contact Julie at

If you are a parent of a student and have any questions contact Deb at