My Five

If you have found your way here, then you must want to know more about beginning a conversation about following Jesus. With a courageous spirit, a willingness to invest, and a belief that all people matter to God, then you are off to a great start to share the amazing news of Jesus.

This page is designed to help you engage in conversation with your kids in their own decision for Christ, and to help provide tools for your kids to reach their friends. 


This is an exciting time in your child’s life. They’re starting to ask questions about their faith. They’re wondering about God and His love for them. They may be asking a lot of questions about Jesus–questions that you may struggle with yourself, or questions that may not have a simple answer. But that’s ok. This is a starting point for you and your kids to begin a life-long conversation about faith. That’s why we want you to “Start Here” with John 3:16. It lays the foundation for God’s love for us that sent Jesus to be our Savior.  

We recommend that you download “Start Here” and use this as a guide to talk with your kids about following Jesus.

The Start Here Gospel Presentation is a fun and interactive resource to help tell your kids the Big Story of God and how they play a part of God’s story


Talking to people about Jesus can seem really intimidating, but our new My Five campaign aims to make it simpler for you to focus on building five friendships or relationships that can lead people closer to Jesus.

If you can't think of five people, that's ok. Do one or two or three or four or six. Try not to include only family members. Pick someone from your friend group, such as a classmate, friends on your team, or a neighbor.

Once you pick your five people, write their names down on one of these cards and keep it on your fridge, mirror, or somewhere where you'll see it frequently. Then walk through these five steps:

  1. Pray. Ask God to bless and strengthen them. Also ask God to provide opportunities for you to talk about Jesus.
  2. Build trust. Be this person's friend. Spend time with them. Hang out. Talk with them about things you have in common.
  3. Ask questions. Ask them what they believe about God or what they think about church. Listen closely and don't make a big deal out of it if you disagree.
  4. Share. Share what you believe, but don't be mean. Continue to be their friend, and tell them how much God loves them.
  5. Invite. Ask them if they'd be interested in coming with you to church. You could also consider inviting them to kids' event, Awana, or Kids Worship on Sundays.

Keep praying for them and continue to be a good friend. Answer questions if they have them. If you don't know the answers, it's ok to tell them that. Ask a pastor or leader you know at church if you'd like some help. Treat them like you want to be treated and be real with them.


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