Global Missions

One of our main priorities at First MB is to engage in missions. We believe having a worldwide perspective helps us understand God and our place in His world. New to missions? Read through our FAQ.

Here are the trips we have planned to take this year:

When: June/July 2020
Who: Foundation For His Ministry
What: Ministry and manual labor at a mission/orphanage
Cost: $525 + cost of airfare to San Diego

When: September 19 - 29, 2019
Who: Travis Jost and team
What: Vision trip to see scope of ministry, intercessory prayer
Cost: $2,750 - $3,500 
This team is full!

When: October 10 - 23, 2019
Who: Carmen & Andy Owen, Bob Davis, ALH orphanage
What: Childcare and student programming for missionary retreat
Cost: $2,500 - $3,000

Mission Trip Interest Form
If you're interested in going on a First MB mission trip, we'd love to know--even if we don't have plans for a trip in the immediate future. Fill out this form to let us know you're interested in Mexico, France, Burundi, Thailand, or BL4P and we'll let you know next time we have a trip scheduled!

MB Missions
We are excited to support workers in Thailand, France, Southeast Asia, Mexico, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Burundi/Congo. 

Bob Davis
Serving in Thailand
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Travis Jost
Serving in Burundi
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Greg Law
Serving in Mexico
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Andy and Carmen Owen
Serving in Thailand
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Some of our missionaries serve in restricted access countries, so their names and photos are withheld for security reasons. They still need our prayers, though, and God knows their names!

We also partner with:

Foundation for His Ministry
Serving the poorest of the poor in Mexico.