2020 Leadership Nomination Form

The terms of several members of the Leadership Board and the Faith and Life Team are expiring at the end of 2019. The Nominating Team is in the process of identifying individuals to fill these soon-to-be vacated positions. Please prayerfully consider nominating people for these leadership opportunities. The Nominating Team will use your submissions to discern a slate of names to be presented for an affirmation vote by the congregation on November 17.

General qualifications for church leadership positions:

  • First MB Church member
  • Models New Testament spiritual maturity and character as described in Acts 6, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5.
  • Able to attend monthly leadership meetings beginning January 2020.


Along with the Lead Pastor, this Board gives overall guidance to the church. It casts vision for First MB and allows the Lead Pastor to communicate this vision to the staff and congregation. The Board evaluates, counsels, and critiques the Lead Pastor and is accountable to the congregation as final arbiter of church matters.

Individuals serving on the Leadership Board should be gifted in leadership, committed to prayer, and persons of integrity. They should have some administrative skills, be willing to cast vision and lead, and be comfortable discussing difficult and sensitive topics.

Continuing Leadership Board members:
Nick Branam
Jason Lansdown
Marv Schellenberg
Stacy Latimer

Outgoing Leadership Board members:
Paul Brucks (Not eligible due to term limits*)
Brad Heerey (Eligible for 2nd term)
Greg Allison (Eligible for 2nd term)

*Term limit = two consecutive 3-year terms




This team oversees the spiritual well-being of the church. It works in the areas of “faith” (theological/spiritual unity and health) and “life” (relational unity and health). An example of a spiritual unity issue would be a report of a Sunday School teacher or small group leader teaching doctrine that is not in accordance with the MB Confession of Faith. An example of a relational unity issue would be an unresolved conflict between members of the congregation, or between a pastor and a member of the congregation. In both of these examples the Faith and Life Team is expected to take action to correct or resolve the issue.

Individuals serving on the Faith and Life Team should be relational, committed to prayer, persons of integrity, have the ability to discern truth in unclear situations, and have knowledge of how the church functions. Skills in the areas of counseling, human relations, and pastoral care are also very helpful.

Continuing Faith and Life Team members:
James Isaac
Ron Seibel
Tim Rorabaugh
Maxine Unruh
Elaine Jelinek

Outgoing Faith and Life Team members:
Carrie Heide (Not eligible due to term limits*)
Jeff Wells (Not eligible due to term limits*)


*Term limit = two consecutive 3-year terms




We appreciate your involvement in this process and welcome any comments you may have.

Nominating Team Members:
Dave King
Merilyn Nuss
Colby Stull
Gina Willems

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