Engage in Missions

... because we understand God better with perspective.


When you encounter lifestyles, cultures, and people who are different from you, your knowledge of God and His plan for the world grows.

Our stance on short-term mission trips may surprise you: These trips aren't necessarily about the work we do "over there." Sure, loving on orphans and telling others about Jesus are wonderful things. God calls us to serve and be a blessing to people in need around the world. However, we've found the most significant change with these sorts of trips happens in us.

When you experience brokenness on the other side of the world, something changes in you. You understand the need for the Gospel more deeply. You see God working in miraculous ways you didn't think were possible. You see that people are people--regardless of skin color or geographic location--and we all have the same basic needs and questions.

God is big, and seeing the grander picture of His world helps us understand His plan.

And here's the best part: You can engage in missions wherever you are, without a passport or expensive plane ticket. We support missionaries around the globe, and you have opportunities to support and interact with them. Of course you can support them financially, but they also need your prayers and encouragement. Each of our missionaries send out email newsletters, so sign up for those and read stories of their work. Put faces with the names, and remember them in your daily prayers. Respond to their emails and let them know you're praying.

Beyond that, we desire to live a life "on mission" wherever we are. Keep God's worldwide viewpoint in mind with everyone you interact with. Live with an attitude of service and sacrifice every day, and that will lead to deeper knowledge and a deeper love for God and His world.