2 Corinthians

Sunday, May 29 | Don't be seduced by the short-term spike of sin. Chose the long road that leads to heaven.

Sunday, May 22 | Wisdom tells us we need to set physical, emotional, and relational boundaries.

Sunday, May 15 | Christ's love compels us to live for him.

Sunday, May 8 | You ARE good enough, so don't give up!

Sunday, May 1 | God calls us to be reconcilers who see every person as a soul who needs Him.

Sunday, April 24 | God will give you the confidence and competence for what He asks you to do.

Sunday, April 17 | What does it mean to carry the "fragrance" of Christ?

Sunday, April 10 | How to confront and deal with painful relationships.

Sunday, April 3 | God comforts us so we can be a comfort to others.

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