The Art(ish) of Life

Sunday, May 31 | Pastor Brent shares several drawings explaining how and why we need to accept Jesus. 

Sunday, May 24 | How do we decide if we need to confront someone about their sin? And how do we accept it if people confront us?

Sunday, May 20 | We need good behavior AND a soft heart to maintain healthy relationships with God and with people. 

Sunday, May 10 | Godly repentance eventually leads to a life without regrets. If you say sorry, make sure you don't have to say sorry again!

Sunday, May 3, 2020 | We all face temptation. When you are "squeezed," what comes out? How do we grow stronger in the fight against temptation?

Sunday, April 26 | There are four qualities that we can all develop to improve our leadership--and our relationships. 

Sunday, April 19 | We all start off wanting a healthy marriage, but the natural drift of life can sometimes lead us to selfish and "contract" marriages. See how Brent's flower pot art demonstrates the limitless love of a one-flesh marriage. 

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