The Life of Samuel

Sunday, March 24 | We all have a responsibility to pass our faith on to future generations.

Sunday, March 17 | There are things God does that we don't understand, and we have to be ok with that. Today Pastor Brent shares some things that may be helpful this side of heaven. 

Sunday, March 10 | God is God and we are not, and He expects us to do everything He asks (and that's ok). 

Sunday, March 2 | The Israelites didn't always make good decisions, but Brent outlines a few "heuristics" (Google it) to help us today. 

Sunday, February 24 | We're called to put God first in our life. Pastor Brent provides four ways we can do that today. 

Sunday, February 17 | Like Samuel, we should learn to be listening for the voice of God speaking to us.

Sunday, February 10 | The life of Samuel has several lessons we can learn as parents today. 

Sunday, February 3 | We can learn four practical lessons from Elkanah and Hannah in the opening of 1 Samuel. 

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