An update on our Church Vision.

One of our core goals at First MB is to make a real impact on our community. This week we look at how we can help the poor and reach those who don't know about Jesus.

One of our church's dreams is to get involved in church planting. What is the benefit of starting a new church instead of just focusing on our own? What does the Bible say about church planting?

Jesus never said it would be easy to follow Him. Real faith requires boldness.

A common complaint people have about Christians is that a lot of us are hypocrites. Want to stand out as a devoted follower? Have a faith that is consistent in "all the rooms" of your life.

In this series, Pastor Brent walks through the three values that are important to us as we move forward with our new church vision. As "real people," why is it important that we admit our brokenness to each other?

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