The Real God

Sunday, November 22 | God is always faithful to His promises and His character. Even if!

Sunday, November 15 | God's love is unconditional affection and selective correction. 

Sunday, November 8 | One day God's justice will prevail. In the meantime, we should be grateful for His grace.

Sunday, November 1 | Only God is perfectly wise, and He generously offers to share that wisdom with us. 

Sunday, October 25 | One of the key differences between us and God: He alone is holy, holy, holy. 

Sunday, October 18 | God is above and before all things. He can be trusted, and He deserves our worship. Are you ready to surrender to Him?

Sunday, October 11 | The world can be bad, but God is always good. 

Sunday, October 4 | The Bible is clear that we are not like God. How do we get to know what God is really like?

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