The Story

Sunday, May 21 | The glory of Jesus, and the end of time.

Sunday, May 7 | The apostle Paul had lot to say about healthy relationships.

Sunday, April 30 | Paul's mission was driven by joy and focus.

Sunday, April 23 | Two words: Boldness & Dreams (The Birth of the Church)

Sunday, April 9 | Pastor Brent takes us through a unique dramatic re-telling of Jesus' final days on Earth.

Sunday, April 2 | Jesus calls us to deny ourselves and put Him first.

Sunday, March 26 | Jesus was no ordinary man.

Sunday, March 19 | Because everyone mattered to Jesus, everyone should matter to us.

Sunday, March 12 | The birth of a King (guest speaker: Stephen Christian)

Sunday, March 5 | Nehemiah teaches us how to deal with change.


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