We believe everyone has gifts and talents. Once you discover what they are, you can use them to effectively serve and further the mission of the church.

One great way to find your best fit is to take (or perhaps retake) the SHAPE test. SHAPE is an acronym for:

S – Spiritual Gifts. Special abilities God has given you to love and serve others.

H – Heart. Special God-given passions that inspire you.

A – Abilities. Natural God-given talents and skills.

P – Personality. How God wired you to respond in life and relate to others.

E – Experiences. Your life experience, both positive & painful, that God intends to use for good.

This assessment is free and you will receive the results in an email.

To take the assessment, click on the link below. Complete the requested information and click Register. It takes about 30 minutes, but you can save and come back anytime.