New Texting Line

We're excited to launch our new texting line!  This new line will have more features and will help us communicate to parents more easily (both for Kids and Student Ministries). And the best part is you do NOT have to re-sign up!

How It Works 

If we have your cell phone number, you will receive a text welcoming you into our new text line in the next couple of weeks. We use this line to keep you updated on important announcements (registration deadlines, event info, etc). If all has gone well on our end, you will receive texts from Senior High, Junior High, and/or Kids Ministry, based on the relevance to your family. Please don't opt out of the introduction text as you will then have all texts blocked from any First MB Church's ministry.  We'd love it if parents and students would be receiving these texts. If your cell number has recently changed please contact us ASAP so we can make sure you stay up to date with all the latest happenings!

Look for the introduction text from the phone number 97000 coming in October!

Thank you for your patience during this shift.

What about the old texting line?  

By mid-October, it will be discontinued and no longer used.  

Will you still have separate groups for Junior and Senior High?

Yes!  You will receive separate texts from the same phone number based on which groups you have students in (kids, junior high, senior high, etc.)  With this new system, we can even send texts to single grades! 

What happens if I want to "opt-out"?

This is one of the negatives we have found with this new system.  If you opt out by texting "stop" to the texting line you are NOT JUST OPTING OUT of that line (let's say you no longer want to receive junior high texts) you are opting out of everything.  So you will no longer get ANY texts from First MB.  So the best way to stop getting texts from groups you don't want is to email us at  We will take you out of any groups you don't need to hear from and still get texts you want!  

What if I don't get an introduction text?

If you have not received any text by the end of October please contact us so we can fix the problem at