Start Reading the Bible

As we kick off the new year, we want to make it easy for you to start reading the Bible. If you've never done it before on a regular basis, it can seem scary or intimidating, but you can do it! (And the Bible is trustworthy--as we'll see together on Sunday mornings in January)

Here are some resources and options to help you stay accountable to reading:

Accountability List
Go public with your new decision to read God's Word. For the rest of this series, we'll put a list of names on the screens on Sunday mornings of all the people who have pledged to read the Bible at least two days a week. If you're not ready to add your name, that's fine! On Sundays, see if your friends are, and ask them about it! If you're ready to sign up, do it here.
Find Your Own Plan
YouVersion (or the Bible App) has lists of hundreds and hundreds of Bible reading plans based on topics, specific books, featured authors, and more. Browse through their list and find one that appeals to you.
Join Our Plan
Throughout January we'll be reading the book of John together, one chapter each day. If you'd like, you can join our public "group" so you can share comments and see other First MBers' progress. Join here.